aims to disrupt the football agency market aims to disrupt the football agency market

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PRO FOOTBALLERS platform is actively marketed to every club in England. If you want to build a strong career in England we are your agency. Strong relationship with English clubs prioritised with full transparency and no transfer fees puts you to the front of the queue.   Because we are a digital agency we can offer competitive membership rates that keep within FIFA suggested guidlines from just 3% royalty compared to the average of ” 8% ” taken from English football agents. We are the first ever digital footballer agency for the forward thinking professional. We are registered with the FA and we represent players by looking after their interests as well as save them money and time. We do not charge clubs fees for our players. 

Our agency was created by: Scott Michaels after working with football clubs as a consultant for a number of years with Pro Footballers Scott has also a proven track record ,building brands with over £100m of sales from his own brands HairbondStylo MatchmakersMr Crack and Savier. Scotts has the unique ability to find value as well has an extensive amount of experience in business that includes brand building, sales and negotiation.

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